Friday, August 22, 2008

You know you are a dancer when ...

  • you would rather dance than eat
  • instead of walking down a hallway you dance
  • you practice grand leaps in parking lots
  • when doing school work your feet
  • are silently practicing a new routine
  • a new dance outfit makes your whole day
  • you cannot sit still when you hear music
  • you find you are doing foot movements when talking to others
  • you light up when someone mentions dance
  • while waiting in line or shopping you tap, shuffle, turn
  • others hear noise coming from your feet
  • you stretch while watching TV
  • you point your toes even while doing sit ups
  • you have more blisters than toes on your feet
  • every floor is space for practicing
  • you have difficulty counting past 8
  • when asked to do sit-ups, you respond with "no problem"
  • you have boxes filled with old costumes and practice clothing
  • when you write dancing first when asked for your hobbies
  • while listening to music, you choreograph a routine in your head
  • you rate music for its ability to make a good tap, ballet, toe, lyrical, or jazz routine
  • you spot mistakes in dance routines
  • you become very excited when you see a dancer perform a difficult routine with seeming ease and grace

Fear not mistakes
We just call them variations.