Friday, August 22, 2008

Older Dancers

dance ...

  • encourages self-discipline and self-respect;
  • provides opportunities to follow through on difficult tasks;
  • promotes a healthy lifestyle;
  • demands physical fitness;
  • desensitizes a young person to being in front of an audience;
  • encourages respecting others;
  • promotes working in a team;
  • develops leadership skills as confidence and self-assurance are encouraged;
  • improves self-image;
  • provides entertainment — unlike video games, the dance participant actually has to get up off the couch and move;
  • develops nonverbal communication skills and makes the importance of bodily motion evident;
  • is motivational — frequently older dancers would not willingly work out or exercise; dancing with a group is highly motivational not to mention fun!
  • provides camaraderie which helps motivate and encourage the dancer master difficult steps/routines;
  • teaches ways to make better use of what skills and abilities a student has while encouraging the student to try new things;
  • provides performing and leadership opportunities