Friday, August 22, 2008

Overall Benefits of Dance

Why Dance?

dance ...

  • provides an enjoyable social experience and the opportunity to make new friends;
  • teaches discipline;
  • gives a reward for hard work;
  • promotes a healthy life style;
  • provides the rudiments for grace, style, and poise;
  • encourages teamwork;
  • fosters good body image and physical fitness;
  • gives a practical application of perseverance;
  • promotes self-confidence;
  • develops coordination;
  • aids in self-respect;
  • gives practice at being in front of an audience with grace and ease;
  • opens avenues to a wide range of music and musical styles;
  • encourages healthy, self-expression;
  • promotes relaxation and mental clarity;
  • helps to realize goals;
  • improves memorization skills;
  • teaches how to utilize sequence and patterns;
  • promotes structure, consistency, and incentive to reach personal goals;
  • teaches how to set and accomplish goals;
  • provides realistic and achievable goals for all levels and abilities;
  • encourages improvements in strengths while having fun working on weaknesses

Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery.
— Martha Graham (1894-1994)
US dancer, choreographer